FAQs  (Revised on February 25, 2015)

Q1:What’s the meaning of each status of Wi-Fi indicator?

1) Quick blink: The device is in configuration mode (SmartConfig™) and waiting for setup. This mode is enabled after the device is powered on for first time or you long press the reset button.

2) Blink every sec.: The device configuration is failed. This is usually caused by incorrect input of password. Please reset the device and try again.

3) Slow blink for 4 times and stop for 1 sec. and repeats the cycle: The device is in AP configuration mode. This mode is enabled after you long press the reset button when the device is already in configuration mode.

4) Off: The device is configured successfully. You can view the device shortcut icon in the main control page or tap the “+” icon on top right corner and then choose “Device list” to view the device.

Q2:How to configure the devices?

1) Make sure your smartphone is connected to your Wi-Fi network;

2) Switch the device to configuration mode (refer to FAQ 1-1);

3) Open the app, tap the “+” icon on top right corner and then choose “Add device”;

4) In the configuration page, the Wi-Fi SSID should be filled automatically and you just need to input the password of your Wi-Fi network to start the configuration.


The password of your Wi-Fi network will be saved and you will never need to input the password the next time when you configure the devices.

Q3: How to use AP configuration?

1) Make sure Wi-Fi (WLAN) is enabled on your smartphone and your device is in AP configuration mode (refer to FAQ 1-3);

2) Open the app, tap the “+” icon on top right corner and then choose “Add device”;

3) In the configuration page, tap “AP mode” on top right corner and tap “OK” after you read the prompt. The app will lead you to the Wi-Fi selection page;

4) Connect to the network “BroadlinkProv” and tap to return. The app will show a Wi-Fi list. Please designate the same Wi-Fi network you used before AP configuration and input the password;

5) After configuration, the app will automatically connect to your previous Wi-Fi network and you will see the device in the list.


When using AP configuration, your smartphone should connect to the same Wi-Fi network that you want the devices to connect to.

Q4: How to reset the device / switch to configuration mode?

For smart plugs, please long press the ON/OFF button to reset the device. For universal remote and other devices without ON/OFF button, use pins to hold the reset button until the Wi-Fi indicator starts quick blink.

Q5:Dose the product support 5G network configuration?

Our products currently only support 2.4G Wi-Fi network and do not support 5G network.

Q6:How to delete the device permanently from APP?

In the main control page, tap “+” on top right corner and choose “Device list” to view all devices. For iOS system, slide from right to left on a device item to delete it; For Android system, long press the device icon and choose “Delete” to delete the device.


Deleting shortcuts will not actually delete the device from list.

Q7:How to modify device information?

You can modify the default device name in either ways:

       1) Long press the device item on the device list and choose “Edit name” from popup menu.

       2) In the device operation page, tap the icon on top right corner and choose “Edit device”.

Q8:How to backup and restore settings?

You can backup all device and APP settings to cloud and restore it when you use a new smartphone. You need to login with your account before backup operation.

To backup settings: Tap the icon in top left corner and then choose “Backup” in the menu. Tap “Backup to cloud” and choose “OK” to start backup.

To restore settings: Tap the icon in top left corner and then choose “Backup” in the menu. Tap “Cloud backup list” and choose a backup file from the list to start restoration.


After restoration, you need to connect your devices in the same Wi-Fi (WLAN) network before remote control.

Q9:How to share settings to other phones?

You can share the settings to other phones in the same Wi-Fi (WLAN) network without using account. To use this function, the shared phones and importing phones should have the same version of APP.

Tap the icon in top left corner and then choose “Share” in the menu. Tap “Share to other phones in WLAN” to prepare the sharing.

On another phone, tap “Import from shared phone in WLAN” in “Share” menu, the APP will search available sharing data and import it.


Please keep your phone active (unlock) during sharing and importing.

Q10:What is “Cloud Share”?

You can use cloud share function to share your RM panel to the cloud. Other users can download the shared panel and do not need to learn each button.

Q11:How to protect my device and avoid being searched by others?

Only who connected to your Wi-Fi network is able to find your device. Set a complex password for your Wi-Fi network and keep it confidential will help to prevent intrusion. To keep privacy from other users in the same network, you can lock the device and other users will never find the device even they are in the same network. To lock the device: Tap the icon on top right corner and choose “Device info”. Tap “Lock the device” to lock your device.

Q12:What should I do if my smartphone is lost?

To make sure your devices are not controlled by any unauthorized users before you re-configure them using another smartphone, you can:

1) Power off all devices; or

2) Reset all device.

Q13:What should I do if the data is lost or devices cannot be controlled after APP is updated?

Please check if you have deleted the files under BroadLink directory (for Android phones it is stored in the root directory of SD card) including pictures or changed the SD card. If you have done the above operations by mistake, please uninstall the APP and completely delete the folder and then reinstall the APP.


You do not need to configure again after reinstallation of APP. The devices can be found automatically when you connect to the same Wi-Fi network which you used previously.

Q14:How to add a remote for RM?

You can use one of the two methods to add a remote:

1) On main control page, tap “+” on top right corner, select “Add remote” and choose a remote type. (you need to select an RM device before choosing remote type if you have more than one RM device);

2) On main control page, tap “+” on top right corner and select “Device list”. You can select an RM device and choose a remote type from the list. (If you have added remotes before, you need to tap “” on top right corner of remote list and choose a new remote type to add).


For the first version e-Control APP, user can find a black semicircle icon on the left side when adding template for the first time. Tap the icon to pop up the sidebar and tap “Add” in the bottom to add a new template.

Q15:How to learn infrared code?

In the device panel, tap an unlearned button, a prompt box including “waiting for button learning” will pop up and the orange LED of the device will be on. Point the remote to RM and press the matching button on remote. If the orange LED is off and it shows “Save Successfully”, it means the learning is successful. Then you can tap the learned button on APP, if the orange LED is on, which means the IR command is sent successfully.

Q16:How to learn an aircon remote automatically (Pre-Defined Aircon)?

When you add a remote, please choose “Air Conditioner”. A prompt box will pop up and the orange LED will be on. Then press any button of “ON/OFF” / “Mode” / “Temperature up and down” and the orange indicator will be off. The device will search the IR code in the cloud code library and download the matched template. After the template is downloaded, you can start to use all functions without further learning.

Q17:Why I cannot use some of the buttons in Pre-Defined Aircon panel?

When you download the pre-defined aircon panel from cloud, the template may not 100% match your model. Please try to learn more buttons to select a more suitable template. If you still cannot get an exact same template from cloud, please try to add a user-defined aircon and learn each button. Please also contact our customer service (intl@broadlink.com.cn) to submit the model of your aircon. We will update the code on our cloud as soon as possible.

Q18:How to add a User-Defined Aircon?

The IR code of aircon is more complex than TV. Each button of TV remote only represents a specific IR code. Each button of aircon may trigger a code combination, including temperature, mode, wind speed, etc. So we pre-define buttons for frequently used functions, such as cooling, heating and auto mode. Each of them are treated as ON button for a combination. For example, if you want to learn cooling at 22°C, you should pre-set the mode to cooling and temperature to 22°C on your remote and then press the ON/OFF button to turn off the aircon. Tap “Cooling at XX°C” in the panel on APP to prepare learning. Now, press ON/OFF button on the remote control to finish the learning and the learned status will be “turn on cooling at 22°C”. You can learn the OFF button in any status when you press the ON/OFF button to turn off the aircon (Although we use only one button for both ON and OFF functions on aircon remote but in the APP you need to learn them separately.)

You can repeat the above learning steps to learn all the status with all temperature levels.

Q19:How to learn a combination button?

Choose an unlearned user-defined button and tap “Learn combo” to start the learning. Combination button learning can execute multiple commands. For example, if you want to switch to Channel 128 for TV, you need to learn button “1”, “2” and “8” one by one. When you tap the button CH128, it will execute the command 1-2-8, just like you press the buttons 1, 2 and 8 on remote. You can also learn a combination button to turn on set-top box, TV and audio just by pressing one button.

Q20:Why I cannot learn any button in “mi TV” and “Apple TV” panel?

These two panels are preset with all IR codes for “mi TV” and “Apple TV” which can be used by users directly without learning.

Q21:What is scene?

By creating a scene, you can tap once to activate all selected devices with preset time lag. You can select devices and define the action of each device.

Q22:How to set the timer tasks of the RM?

Long press the learned button on the panel and tap “Timer ON”. After setting, tap “Save” on top right corner to save the timer.

Q23:How many timer tasks can be added for RM?

Max 15 timer tasks be added for RM.

Q24:How to delete the timer task for RM?

On remote list page, tap “” on top right corner and select “Timer”. You can view and delete the timers here.

Q25:Why I cannot remotely control my devices via 3G/4G network?

Powered by BroadLink Cloud service, users can remotely control their devices via external networks (3G/4G/other WLAN) even they are not at home.

The Android APP version above 3.4.9 and iOS APP version above 2.4.7 improved the performance of remote control from external networks. However, users are required to setup the correct region and also update the product firmware, otherwise remote control from external networks may be not available.

Please download the service accouchement file to learn how to update APP and firmware to support this feature: